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When Connor was diagnosed with leukemia in May of 2005 our lives changed forever. The range of emotions experienced was incredible. Throughout his treatments and eventual bone marrow transplant, we felt everything including shock, fear, anger, and frustration. However, the emotion felt most strongly, and the one that lingers still to this day is the feeling of helplessness. There is little that you can do to comfort and reassure your child when the future is so uncertain. We know that others felt that sense of helplessness too. Our family and friends wanted to help and support us but didn't know how to do that. In 2006 The Connor Flanagan Foundation was founded. It was the way that we were able to turn that feeling of helplessness into something more. When Connor was in the hospital from May of 2005 through November, the one thing that he missed was "real" pizza. We decided then to sponsor Friday Night Pizza Parties on the oncology floor of Children's Hospital. Every Friday 25 pizzas from a local pizzeria are delivered to the resource room. Patients, families and staff get to enjoy pizza, salad, socialization and a few moments of normalcy. Read more...

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Connor is continuing to heal and do well after his lung transplant that took place on October 18, 2013. Words cannot express our gratitude to the donor's family, the gifted doctors and surgeons, the nurses, and our family and friends who all have played a vital part in his care and recovery. He recently returned to school and is thrilled to be back with his friends and classmates. Due to a broken hip, he is still not walking, but that will come. Team Connor's motto, "Life is a Team Sport" is true now more than ever!

As always, Connor's resilience has been amazing. He is committed to do what needs to be done and to get better and heal. We have new-found optimism and are excited about what Connor's future holds thanks to the amazing gift that he was given!

Thank you for following Connor's story, and we appreciate your continued support.

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